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Generator Rentals

Residential, Commercial & Industrial

With our two locations, one in Hermon, Maine and one in Hudson, New Hampshire we can accommodate your temporary power needs throughout the New England States.

Generator Rentals You Can Rely On

  • 2KW to 800KW Generator Rentals
  • Residential Generators
  • Large Commercial Generators
  • Diesel Powered Generators
  • Mobile Generators
  • Delivery & Installations
  • Load-Banking Services
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Services
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Offered

Load-Banking Services

Our load-banking services ensure users that their generators will perform at 100% of their nameplate rating. Load-banking testing should be a regular part of a generator maintenance program to insure reliable performance. It also helps insure that vital engine system parameters such as oil pressure and coolant temperature are correct at all load levels. In addition it also can prevent wet stacking and carbon build up. This service allows us to find performance problems before an emergency by simulating varying load conditions without disrupting normal power supply to the load.

Our generator rentals can handle temporary power needs for residential, commercial, industrial, municipality, healthcare facilities, light towers, outdoor events, and more!