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Service Contracts

We offer service contracts to both Residential and Commercial accounts. Please ask your customer service rep which contract is best for your situation, and how we can give you peace of mind while saving you money.

Preventive Maintenance Contract

This contract is applicable to both residential and commercial accounts. Click here to view the contract.

Inspection Checklist

  • Battery condition including cleaning of terminals.
  • Battery charge operation and charge rate, adjust if necessary.
  • Replacement of lubrication oil and filter.
  • Disposal of waste oil.
  • Replacement of fuel filters.
  • Replacement of water filters.
  • Replacement of ignition parts (if applicable).
  • Inspection of coolant hoses, lubricant and fuel line hoses.
  • Test coolant inhibitor level.
  • Test antifreeze protection level.
  • Inspect water pump and all belts.
  • Inspect fuel system internal and external of engine.
  • Inspect air filter and intake system.
  • Inspect exhaust system.
  • Functional testing of engine generator control including shutdown, alarms, crank cycling.
  • Adjustment of engine governor and voltage, if necessary.
  • Recording and verifying unit is running with proper temperature, pressures and engine speed.
  • Check engine operation, noting any unusual condition or performance.
  • Minor leaks are corrected. You are advised of major leaks.
  • Function testing of automatic transfer switch or switch gear, if possible.
  • Check generator brushes and slip ring (if applicable), stator, lead splices and circuit breaker.

After inspection, the customer or customer’s representative will be given a copy of the completed inspection checklist. Any potential problems will be pointed out and followed up with a written recommendation.